New things afoot

Hi folks!

It’s been a while since I last updated this site unfortunately.

But it’s been all change for me here since my last update; I’ve taken a few courses – specifically the Red Hat RHCSA Fast Track course (RH199) way back in February. I’ve successfully transitioned over to a new role(!) I now work in the Linux System Administration team in Rackspace, transitioning over from the Support Specialist function.

It’s all rather exciting, and as expected i’m nervous regarding this. But i’m not an idiot (at least I hope not) and while there’ll be an adjustment period for me I’ll get up to speed. I’m really looking forward to developing my skills further and to get my teeth stuck into some interesting issues for our customer base.

But straight off the bat I’ve noticed areas i can immediately set to work improving; namely i’m a dreadful bash scripter (haha). well if you need to add a user and set some custom sudoers permissions to said user on over 90 servers at a time you’re going to need to script the shit out of it.

Most of all though I need to develop a new approach, namely in procedure and how i approach problems; this will be the most important aspect that i need to show to my new colleagues, and it’s expected from our customers.

Currently I’m listening to Mael M├│rdha, an Irish heavy metal band, doomy misery, lovely.

I’ll attempt to update this more regularly with fun things i find.